Improviser Summit

Improviser Summit rose from a joined vision of building a bridge between the German and Danish jazz/improv. scene, by creating and opening relations between improvising musicians worldwide.

Mia Dyberg is the project leader of Improviser Summit and during Copenhagen Jazz Festival she is curating ‘The Community presents’ OPEN AIR festival for the 2 year in a row.

The project ‘Improviser Summit’ consists of 3 parts.

  • First of all: ‘A yearlong concert series’!

‘A yearlong concert series!’ emerges from Dyberg’s residence in Berlin, where she is collecting inspiration from international artists on a daily basis. During april 2016-17 she will be inviting berlin-based artists to play in Copenhagen and danish musicians to play in Berlin and in this way functions as an improvisation ambassador.

  • The second part is Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the concerts 3rd of july and 7th of july is a part of Improviser Summit.

Improviser Summit, New York

Mia Dyberg [DK/SE] b. 1986 is a freelance improviser, saxophonist, composer, co-founder and project leader in ‘The Community’.

Press: ‘Both Dyberg and Robertson utilized a range of ancillary sound-making devices and techniques, stretching into AACM -inspired passages of deep conversation, playful chatter and bluesy storytelling’ —Clifford Allen, New York City Jazz Record

Mia Dyberg is one of the new exciting voices on the european jazz scene. Currently she resides in Berlin & the last couple of years she has made roots on the international scene, performing with improv-musicians such as Clayton Thomas [AU], Christian Balvig, Kamilla Kovacs, Kasper Tom, Tobias Delius, Herb Robertson[US], Niklas Barnö [SE] Oscar Noriega[US] and Michael Evans[US] etc. She grew up in the swedish archipelago and her both wild and impressionistic music is often affected by the grand swedish nature. But there is also a pulse of the city.  Her unique melodic expression emerges from wild sound experiments combined with scandinavian melancholy.

  • The third part of the project will consist of an ‘Improviser Summit Week’ in Berlin [Spring 2017] A collaboration week between the German and Danish jazz/improv. scene. An inspiration week in Berlin to connect and expand relations between improvising musicians worldwide – by using interaction as the driving force.

The Community presents’ is an OPEN AIR festival that takes place every day 5 pm – 7 pm during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2nd – 10th of July 2016 @ Koncertkirken Blågårds Plads, curated by Mia Dyberg & KoncertKirken. The Community is an organisation, connecting and expanding relations between improvising musicians worldwide – by producing events with interaction as the driving force.

Line up: Mia Dyberg: Alto saxophone, objects, TBA Berlin/Copenhagen Improvisers.

Genre: Avantgarde, Eksperimental

Events :

1. ‘A yearlong concert series’! April 2016-April 2017

Mia Dyberg is currently booking Berlin-Kbh collaborations . For booking contact:
Tel. +49 163 677 55 02

April, May:

26/4 Uygur Vural/Elisabetta Lanfredini/Mia Dyberg/TBA(DE/IT/TUR) @ 5e, Kbh and Labettolab, Berlin. And more.

2-7/5 CHEAP ANIMALS  @  Greenhouse, Labettolab, Villa Kuriosum, XB-Liebig, Berlin. And more.

August, September: 

13/8 Bird Conversation feat Asger Thomsen @ Donau115, Berlin

20/8 Asger Thomsen/Mia Dyberg/Open Session(DE/DK)  @ Hermann Schultz, Berlin

25/8 Dyberg/Delius/Thomsen/Narvesen @ Donau115, Berlin

31/8 Bird Conversation /TBA (DE/DK) @ Sowieso, Berlin

7/9 Mia Dyberg Trio /TBA (DE/DK) @ Sowieso, Berlin

21/9 Cheap Animals / Thrust (DE/DK)@ Loophole, Berlin

2. Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016 Program

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2-10 Juli 2016  ‘The Community presents’ OPEN AIR festival @ KoncertKirken


3.  Improviser Summit Week, Berlin, Spring 2017

Collaborators: DJBFA, DMF, KoncertKirken, The Community & multiple venues in Berlin and Copenhagen.


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