Become a Member

The strategy of The Community is to build a huge network of creative people.  Everyone performing or helping out at any of our events, we sign up as a member of The Community Collective.

Being a member is something nice

As a member you get in for half price for all our events and it doesn’t conflict with being a part of another organization or label. We see the Community as an add-on to the real-life community that exist among performers of free improvised music. The idea is that together we are stronger. From time to time you will be invited to participate in our events, either as a performer, a volunteer or a guest. We acknowledge our members as professional musicians and have a principle of trying to raise money for our events, in order to be able to pay the performers. On the other hand we expect that the members will help out voluntarily at some of the events arranged by The Community. For the time being we aim that at least half of the performers at our events are also members.

We are an open community!

The foundation of The Community is the members, so you are most welcome to participate in any way. We are open for new ideas and hope to see the organization grow in members as well as  to the include improvisors from other cities and countries as well as other art forms in the future. In the same way we also try to create our activities in new venues and with new themes and participants in order to also connect to new local environments and invite new audiences. We believe in the strength of cooperation, and the importance of diversity and freedom of expression in music and in life.

You are only a member if you want to be a member

If for some unexpected reason you do not want to be a member of The Community and receive emails about upcoming events, write to this email: with “un-member” as subject.

The Past

Since The Community was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen (DK) and Berlin (DE) by Nana Pi and Mia Dyberg, we have been making events for Copenhagen Jazz Festival every year. Last year in a lovely collaboration with Koncertkirken at Blågårds plads.

The Present and the Future

Recently we constituted The Community as a formal organization with the board consisting of Mia Dyberg, Jonathan Aardestrup, Maria Dybbroe and Asger Thomsen. Annually the board curates Vinterjazz 2018 and Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2018. At the moment the core of The Community consists of: Mia Dyberg, Jonathan Aardestrup, Maria Dybbroe, Nana Pi and Asger Thomsen. We have a vision to slowly expand the purpose of the community by engaging and organizing our members through making music events and concerts.

A big opportunity for collaborations between the members

It could be sharing international contacts or helping each other making and promoting events. Further down the road we imagine that The Community will make more concrete tools for helping members to make press material, book tours, apply for fundings, arrange events and further more! Explore videos and events on The Community facebookpage:

Performers on the collective’s previous events

Kamilla Kovacs, Petter Hängsel, Rune Lohse, Erik Kimestad, Håkon Berre, Stephan Sieben, Mia Dyberg, Nana Pi, Andreas Hayden, Vlado Micenko, Birgitte Njå, Asger Thomsen, Henrik Olsson, Bjarke Strøm, Lenka Prochazkova, Ida Duelund, Morten Skøtt, Kristoffer Nybye, Maria Dybbroe, Knut Nesheim, Valdemar Kragelund, Taus Bregnhøj Olesen, Mads Egetoft, Fredrik Scheie, Mari Woll, Greta Eacott, Oscar Gilbert, Szymon Gasiorek, Tomo Jacobson, Vincent Pongracz, Rinalds Maksimovs, Kārlis Auziņš, Jonas Ingemann, Oliver Laumann, Ned Ferm, Thomas Morgan, Jedzrej Lagodsinski, Jakob Roland, George Mihalache, Roberto Bordiga, IKI, Johannes Fosse Solvang, G-Bop Orchestra, GNOM, Mollmo, Kasper Tom, Herman Müntzing, Andreas Lang, Tomasz Dabrowski, Kresten Osgood, Jacob Anderskov, Peter Bruun, Signe Emmeluth, Jonathan Heilbron, Andy Butler, Christian Windfeld, Johan Granberg, Matias Bertelsen, Rudolfs Macats, Emilio Gordoa, Micha Marks, Jonathan Aardestrup, Rasmus Kjær, Hasse Bruun, Gabriella Eunice, Jørgen Teller, Morten Carlsen, Federico Corsini, Tobias Delius, Susanna Santos Silva, Rudi Mahall, Devin Gray, Joel Illerhag, Jon Lipscomb, Laura Toxværd, Phillip Gropper, Jimmy Nyborg, David Besiakov, Jens Mikkel, Tilo Weber, TS Høeg, Mads Egetoft, Jens Lopez, Wojtek Bajda, Kristian Saarup, Ewinka Najewinkovatejsia, Luca Curcio, Karoline Møbius, Oda Dyrnes, Elina Silova, Torben Olander, Hans Christian Kjeld, Ramn Alfredson, Jonathan Bak, Jokubas Raugaskas, Jose Arce, Kristian Saarup, Isak Hedtjärn, Aram Shelton, Zeki Jindyl, Tobias Andreassen, Frederik Nyboe Hagner, Thorbjørn Kaas, Emma Augustsson, Andreas Pollak, Jonas Enevoldsen Andreasen, Adam Pultz Melbye, Jonas Engel, Gianluca Elia, Ignacio Cordoba, Nicole Hogstrand, Pauline Hogstrand, Pia Podgornik, Michal Biel, Eliot Cardinaux, Ikbal Lubys, Dharma.