Who We Are

 Photo Peter Gannushkin

Mia Dyberg (b. 1986) is a berlin-based saxophonist who plays in the fields of Jazz and free improvisation. Her unique melodic expression emerges from sound experiments & scandinavian melancholy. She composes for Mia Dyberg Trio which plays free jazz inspired by Burroughs. Clean Feed Records released Ticket! which was reviewed by jazz magazines such as 4 stars in Downbeat Magazine [USA]. She is a steady member of the dadaistic improv- collective Klub Demboh, playing with Axel Dörner and Tristan Honsinger every Monday. ‘Dyberg is a saxophonist who is well inside the free improvised. But not without having “head and tail” in what she does. (…) I think Dyberg’s playing is more controlled and easy-to-grasp than any of the others. She has full control of the free, but also has good sense for jazz history’ Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts. ’The saxophonist’s adroit phrasing and tonalflexibility express a variety of moods and textures quite clearly, and her melodic imagination ensures that each gesture lands with emotion.’ — Bill Meyer Downbeat Magazine


Photo: Peter Gannushkin

Asger Thomsen (b. 1989) is a bass player and composer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works primarily in the field of contemporary improvised music. With a physical, detail-oriented approach and a rich palette of sounds –often strengthened by the use of unconventional extended techniques, he aims for contrast and dynamic forward motion in his music. Thomsen has established himself as a versatile improviser on the Copenhagen scene, and tours internationally. He can be heard in many different contexts spanning from alternative pop to free/experimental jazz and the avant-garde. He leads or co-leads projects such as Perfect Volume, Our Hearts as Thieves, Den Polyvalente Hjelm, Magpie, and a solo project of his own
“Thomsen has a strong instinct for structure, which ensures direction and cohesiveness, even during the music’s most free-flowing moments.” – Bill Meyer, Downbeat
Educated at Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Esbjerg (Bachelor) and Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (Music Performance, Master Degree).


Photo: Ian Stenhouse

Nana Pi (b. 1983) is a Copenhagen-based saxophone player, composer and conductor working mainly within the experimental jazz scene. She has an original sound on her horn using objects and extended techniques, which she constantly strives to go deeper into. She has developed Extemporize, a music sign language she uses in various constellations, but primarily as a conductor in the group Extemporize Orchestra. She plays in groups like Nezelhorns In An Elephant String, Zeuthens Store Claus, Skärmtid and The Name Comes Later.  But she can be heard in many other constellations with musicians like Akira Sakata, Kresten Osgood, Klaus Kürvers, Olaf Rupp, Steve Heather, Asger Thomsen, Håkon Berre, Kasper Tom, Mia Dyberg and the ad hoc group The Monday Band. 

Photo: Peter Gannushkin

Maria Dybbroe (b. 1993) is a saxophonist, improviser and composer living in Aarhus. The last years she has been a very active player part of the experimental jazz scene in Copenhagen and in Aarhus. Cactus and KØS are her main bands, and she is also part of the performance project ”Bodies we are – time we share” with dancer David Kummer. In 2017 she was chosen by Danish Radio ‘P8 Jazz’ to tour with Euro Radio Jazz Orchestra, and she played with Bon Iver at Haven Festival in Copenhagen. She has as well played with prominent artists like Laura Toxværd, Tristan Honsinger, Jesper Løvdal, T.S. Høegh and as part of Doom Orchestra a.o.

Jonathan Aardestrup (b. 1980).
Bass player, living in Copenhagen.
As a performing musician (upright and electric bass), composer, event maker and producer for more than 20 years has made a player wearing many hats, out of himself. He has played with the rap group Sort Stue at Roskilde festival ‘17, toured northern Italy several times with The Bluenette Sisters and been responsible for 6 releases of original music – so far. These days focus is on the group The Way Out, which also includes TS Hawk and his personal project Trup Aardestrup, in both of which he writes musical material. In parallel Aardestrup has been captivated by spontaneous and new musical encounters with Louis Moholo Moholo, Laura Toxværd, Dre Hočevar, Christian Balvig among others.    

Photo: Peter Gannushkin

Halym Kim (b. 1988) is drummer and composer based in Copenhagen. In his own music he is researching for new possibilities to transfer elements from the traditional Korean music into the contemporary improvised music. Therefore he is also taking lessons in traditional Korean music and traveling to South Korea to extend his musical language in the experimental and improvising music. Halym works in different constellations from duos til large ensembles but also performs as a traditional Korean percussionist. He is the founder of the Monday Band which plays almost every Monday at 5e and plays in different project like: “Hey Nana I am Halym”, “Bijul”, “The Name Comes Later” and has played concerts with Jacob Anderskov, Lotte Anker, Morten Carlsen, Barry Guy, Thomas Zoller and others.


Photo: O-Young Kwon