Improvisor Summit, Berlin 2017

Improviser Summit is an cultural exchange project between the German and Danish scene! 8 improvisers from the Danish scene and 8 Berlin-based improvisers! The improvisers are rehearsing together in an ensemble with people they didn’t play with before and attend Workshops and lectures from top improvisers(Tobias Delius, Tristan Honsinger 2017 edition). The improvisers will also play live concerts in trios that emerges from the language and sounds they created together during the week.

The next summit will happen in April 2020.

Impro Sum_flyer_verso_by_Lena Czerniawska


Adrian David Krook – Drums
Asger Thomsen – Double Bass.
Mariusz Praśniewski – Doublebass
Gregor Siedl – Prepared tenorsax
Carolyn Goodwin – Clarinets, altosax
Wojtek Bajda – Bassclarinet, clarinet
Kamilla Kovacs – Voice
Maria Dybbroe – Altosax
Daniel Sommer – Drums
Mia Dyberg – Prepared altosax
Lina Alemano – Trumpet
Oda Dyrnæs – Cello
Emilio Gordoa – Prepared Vibraphone.

Article by Line Rothmann & Mia Dyberg
Article by Line Rothmann & Mia Dyberg
Mia Dyberg
foto_Cristina Marx Kerbaj:gordoa:THomsen:Pi
Thomsen/Pi/Gordoa/Kerbaj. Photo: Christina Marx