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1. The Community presents COPENHAGEN 2014: Kovacs & Dyberg, GNOM, Sieben/Berre/Pi & Extemporize.

Det Vide Hus

Extemporize [conducted improvisation for all participating musicians – who have played during the event] : Kamilla Kovacs (Vocal), Mia Dyberg (Saxophone), Petter Hängsel (Trombone), Kristian Tangvik (Tuba), Rune Lohse (Drums), Stephen Sieben (Guitar), Håkon Berre (Drums), Nana Pi (Conductor)

2. The Community Impro Session – CPH Vinterjazz 2015.

IMG_9045The Community Impro Session Networking

1. The Community Improsession 1 IMG_9047

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